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Outdoor staircase

Outdoor staircase can be as the main staircase at the entrance to the house or evacuation one. Metal outdoor staircase is suitable for both modern and old architecture. The most important criterion of outdoor staircase is its safety. A structure could be of black metal, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized metal. Stairsteps must not be slippery. The best thing is when stairsteps are from grids. Then, no dirt, snow, water accumulate, and they are not afraid of atmospheric effects. Railing can be chosen from black metal, glass, stainless steel or forged one. It is recommended to choose the non-wooden armrest due to our climatic conditions.

If you are interested in outdoor staircase and the price of its manufacturing, do not hesitate and contact us by phone +370 620 64828, or e-mail: karalius@laiptukaralyste.lt