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Staircase manufacturing

The main requirements the staircase manufacturing is subject to are safety and convenience of a staircase. Only then we can talk about its economy and design. Sometimes, too little attention is paid on s staircase. By saving space and money, a narrow, steep, uncomfortable staircase without railing is installed. A right place and shape of a staircase can save the areas of auxiliary premises, and decorate the interior properly. Staircase always looks more impressive in unconventional lighting. Space under the staircases can be used for demonstration of decorative elements as functionally this space is hardly used for any other things due to the lack of height. Therefore, houseplants, art works, sculptural accents always fit here. The walls of staircase space can be used for paintings. Upon paying more attention on staircase fit-in and design, it shall become the main accent of interior. A place for staircase is usually planned during construction. After measuring the stairs hole, it should be decided on three component parts of staircase manufacturing:

• What will be the staircase plan?
• What will be the staircase structure (if any, by taking into account your needs, possibilities)?
• What will be the drawing of railing?

Following the staircase measurement, consulting – estimate proposal and staircase plan are presented within 1-2 business days. All stairsteps must be set out in the range of the same height. Under no circumstances, should the staircase be constructed in the way that all stairsteps are 15 cm, and the first or last one 17 cm or 14 cm. In order to construct the staircase correctly, it is necessary to accurately mark the levels of the planned floor in one floor and another one at the beginning and the end of the staircase. It is required because, according to the sequence of construction works, the staircase is made shortly before the floor is installed.

Upon agreeing on the staircase plan and the estimate, the agreement that specifies the materials, payment conditions, installation terms, etc. is concluded. Upon request of the customer, we make staircase visualizations for better vision. It takes 1-3 days to prepare. Importantly, the benefit of visualization is very high as it becomes clear how the chosen staircase will look like, in order not to change or remake it as a result of some design or selection problems. Upon choosing a shape, it might be discussed on selection of colours, railing design, to change and correct.

From the moment of signing the agreement on staircase manufacturing, staircase frame is manufactured and installed within 4-6 weeks. A joist must be installed before the finishing works (welding tassels can damage ceramic tiles, and finish). What is more, a metal structure can be used during construction. The other part – stairsteps and staircase railings are made in parallel, however, their assembly is delayed until the emergence of floor covering (it depends on the speed of customer’s house finishing works). Stairsteps should be installed, when there is no finishing yet (or walls are painted once), since it may be damaged during staircase installation. Upon installing a staircase, wall finishing must be made. Since staircase is installed later, its place should be known in advance. If stairsteps cannot be installed due to finishing, they are stored in a warehouse until a customer is ready to welcome us.

Finally, one more important detail in staircase is railings, which must be firm, approximately 90 cm in height, when measured from the upper surface of a stairstep. There are many options and possibilities of what the design of railing will be, how it will look like. A customer is happy seeing the installed stairsteps, however, as railing is completed and fitted – people’s joy is even bigger. In fact, the exclusive and original solutions are possible here.

Subject to complexity of staircase manufacturing, a staircase is installed within 1-2 weeks.

If you want to make inquiry on the price of staircase manufacturing, do not hesitate and contact us by phone +370 620 64828, or e-mail: karalius@laiptukaralyste.lt

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