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Glass railings

Glass railing systems look modern and aesthetic. One of the safest options of glass railings is the railing of tempered or tempered – laminated glass. If there are small children at home, the best is to choose the glass railing. Glass railings are of two types: with balusters and glass, installed in-between them, or a frameless structure, when an armrest is mounted directly on glass without balusters by leaving a few mm distance between the glass pieces.

The disadvantage of glass railing is the fact that it is not cheap, it requires higher maintenance than the railing systems of other types. What is more, manufacturing and installation of glass railing is not very simple (especially, if it is a frameless structure). A template is made for each rhombic glass element, and then they are ordered in the glass workshop. Glass must be tempered for safety reasons. Then it is hardly broken, and, if it happens, it breaks into quite small, not sharp pieces. Glass of railing can be transparent or opaque.

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