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Stainless steel railings

Stainless steel railings are usually combined from armrest of D50mm diameter, D40mm or 40×40 mm square or rectangular-shaped support column, and partition from several rows with D12 mm cross tubes. Manufacturing of stainless steel railing is pretentious, however, the result is perfect. Tempered glass is used instead of tubes. Stainless steel railings look aesthetically, do not wear, are easily cleaned with the means for this purpose. Once a year, these railings should be cleaned and renewed with polishing felt. It will recover its pristine brilliance. The railing, renewed in this way, will serve for a long time and delight the eye with its glow.
We must warn that it should not be cleaned against metal grinding direction.

If you are interested in stainless steel railings and the price of their manufacturing, do not hesitate and contact us by phone +370 620 64828, or e-mail: karalius@laiptukaralyste.lt