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Interior railings

Interior railings are not only protection, but also an interior element at your home, office, public buildings. We design and install the railings of various designs for stairways, staircases, as well as protective railings. Manufacturing of interior railings must meet several requirements: the ones of safety and the ones of aesthetics. Interior railing consists of armrest, stilts, partition, and fittings that connect these parts.

The most convenient height of interior railings is 0,9 – 1,1 m in the interior.

Interior railings must bear the human weight, cannot vibrate, and get loose. Railing structure is especially reinforced by the end of the armrest, installed into wall. The strength of railing structure to the large extent depends on the basis it will be installed to. The customer often wants to pull back the railing as close to the edge as possible, however, it becomes clear that there is the emptiness or polystyrene foam along the edge under the floor.

Currently, the most fashionable one is forged metal interior railing or railing with glass.

If you are interested in interior railings and the price of their manufacturing, do not hesitate and contact us by phone +370 620 64828, or e-mail: karalius@laiptukaralyste.lt