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UAB “Laiptų karalius” (Ltd.) provides all services, related with staircase installation. Our specialists measure, advise, design, manufacture, and install the staircase. Since we have two workshops – a metal and a wood one – we make everything by ourselves.

Measuring, consultation
The help of the professional is required when a person does not work with the staircase project at all and has no idea what staircase could fit at his home. Then it is necessary to propose the possible options. We go to place to measure and discuss possible options, to show the examples as how it has been done in other places. Possible details, the possibilities of adjustment to home interior style are also discussed. Our aim is the comfort of customers’ life as only they will have to live there.

We will design your stairs according to the current size of the hole. Under necessity, when a hole is too narrow or too short, if it is possible, we recommend making it larger. What is more, our company prepares the staircase plan, the detailed drawings. For better image of future staircase, we offer staircase visualization. It will help to easily understand whether it will be your desires staircase, and if not, what can be done to correct.

Wooden and metal products of staircases are made in our workshops. Stairsteps, armrests, stilts, support columns are manufactured from various wood – oak, ash, pine, maple. It should be mentioned that metal joists, steel and stainless steel railings are also manufactured in our metal workshop.

Staircase installation is the last stage in staircase process. If the staircase is on the metal framework, the metal framework fitters come to your object and install the framework in place. Framework installation usually takes one day. It should be mentioned that wooden stairsteps, railing are installed later, upon customer’s request, when home interior finishing is close to the end. The stairsteps and railing are installed within 1-2 weeks, subject to the staircase plan, to complexity.