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Railings are grouped into interior and outdoor. Interior railings include the railings, which are inside the building, while those outside the building are called outdoor railings. No matter where the railings are mounted – on the staircase or in the balcony, they must have a protective function, be comfortable, easy to be maintained, and serve as a decorative element.

Outdoor railings are subject to higher covering requirements. Since outside staircase railings are always affected by weather conditions – humidity, cold, heat – their covering must be resistant to these factors and serve for a long time. Usually, the customers choose stainless steel, galvanized and then painted railings, or railings with glass for outdoor applications.

We recommend using forged metal elements, glass or stainless steel cross tubes for indoor railings, while the armrest should be wooden for the heat emitted. A metal armrest would be quite cold for a hand. An armrest on the staircase should be solid, then it looks better and gives some solidity to railing. According to staircase plan, design, the armrest can be joined at angles or rounded at turns. Not higher than 12 cm space should be left between stilts, in order child’s head would not get into. Railings are mounted on staircase when all bigger items have already been brought up. Otherwise, there will be a small passage left to bring up the items.
Our company manufactures indoor, outdoor balcony and staircase railings. If the staircase was made by other company, and you need only staircase railings, we can help. We will come, measure, advise, assess the situation, and, if necessary, will make templates, manufacture and install the railings.

If you are interested in staircase and the price of its manufacturing, do not hesitate and contact us by phone +370 620 64828, or e-mail: karalius@laiptukaralyste.lt