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Indoor staircase

Indoor staircase is an important element at home. It can be used for entering the premises, located at the different levels, a loft, and a basement. What is more, it is also important as a part of the interior, which, together with environment, creates the uniform interior style. Upon paying more attention on its fit-in and design, it will become the main focus of the interior. The key requirement the staircase is subject to is its safety and convenience. Only then we can talk about its economy and design.

When building a new house, the indoor staircase has already been designed in the plan. It specifies a shape of a staircase, a size and height of stairsteps. Even if a staircase is included into the project, there are a lot of options, as in case of replacing old staircases, from colour, materials to railing pattern and lighting. Indoor staircase has three main parts: joist (or without it), material (or some materials) for stairsteps, and railing.

When choosing indoor staircase, the following things are the most important:

• Convenience and reliability;
• Size and place of staircase;
• Integrity of staircase style with interior;
• Safe railings of suitable height;
• Suitable selection of stairstep size and height;
• Good lighting;
• Shape of a staircase;

It is essential to choose the style of indoor staircase. It is what the one should start from. When a house is built, its interior is already known. The shades and style should be arranged. If it does not matter to customer, it might be postponed to later date when a house box is made. The owners often deviate from the project and change, for example, the climbing sides, abandon the idea to have the storeroom, or include the latter in the place it has not been planned.

Indoor staircases are of various styles:

• Wooden staircase, when the frame, stairsteps, railings are from solid wood. Railing filler can be combined with steel or stainless steel.
• A frame of metal staircase is of black metal. A frame can be of one wider joint with toothed or smooth bottom, two narrower joints from sides, narrow joint in the middle with plates to support the stairsteps or narrow joints of 10 mm width from the ends of stairsteps. The stairsteps are wooden, while the railing – according to requests.
• Concrete staircase is made of concrete frame, and stairsteps with in-between steps or without them are installed on it. Railing is customized.
• Cantilever or clip staircase is also made of joint from metal or metal plates are placed in the stairsteps, however, it is invisible as is installed in the wall.
• The base of spiral staircase is a metal pipe. It can be painted or hidden under wooden cylinders. Wooden stairsteps are used, while a railing is chosen by taking into account the style.

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